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Go 4 Marketing, Lancashire are experts in web, email and print marketing. It's not enough just to design a website, it needs to be constructed in a way that makes it easily readable by both Search Engines and humans alike.  We never forget that a website is a marketing tool and as such its purpose is to engage with people and guide them on their journey from being a visitor to a customer.

Like any winning recipe, a website is a mix of special ingredients that when combined produce something that tastes as good as it looks.  The recipe should be easy to follow, with the minimum skill requirement needed to produce.  At Go 4 we like to think of ourselves as the Delia Smith's of online marketing.

Custom Web Design

A professional, attractive, and easy to use website is essential in today's economy. Whether you need a completely new site or just a redesign of your existing site, we are here to help. Major Online Marketing provides custom website solutions that deliver a compelling user experience while integrating with your overall marketing goals and brand identity.

Creativity, Understanding and Experience. These are the three core skills our design team use when producing new web sites. Gone are the days when a single page design document created in Word could be used to advertise your business, the online world has grown up and you'll be facing increasing competition from all corners of the world. We offer a free consultation where we will discuss your personal goals and objectives. A detailed report will give our vision of your needs along with a development schedule, should you wish to proceed.

Joomla Content Management Systems (CMS)

An effective website Content Managment System (CMS) will save you time and money by letting you make content changes, in real-time, from your own computer without having to hire, pay and wait for a developer.
There are a wide range of business benefits that can be obtained by implementing a CMS, including:

* streamlined authoring process
* faster turnaround time for new pages and changes
* greater consistency
* improved site navigation
* increased site flexibility
* support for decentralised authoring
* increased security
* reduced duplication of information
* greater capacity for growth
* reduced site maintenance costs

We also undertake projects using Drupal and Wordpress.

Bespoke Development

For some clients a static website will suit their requirements, whereas others require interactive content which can repsond to actions by site visitors. We can provide in-house programming to allow for such sites, giving boundless options - from e-commerce systems, online database access, visitor activity and ROI tracking systems, XML feeds, RSS feeds, mobile phone enabled sites, online galleries etc.

We have the in-house skills to produce an unlimited range of interactive tools, including, but not limited to:

* Web Application Development
* Portal Development
* Intranet/Extranet Development
* Application Management
* E-Commerce Development
* Content Management
* Mobile Development
* Information Architecture
* Web Services

At go 4 Marketing, technology and marketing are in our DNA. Unlike most other agencies who only specialise in technology or marketing, we specialize in both and blend them together for a seamless solution. We work closely with our clients to fully understand the unique demands of their businesses and design or implement strategies to drive new business growth. We show our clients how to expand their businesses by using smart technology.

Database Design and Build

At the heart of every interactive website is a database, whose sole job is to record every thing a user does and show anything they request. If for any reason this was to stop working, then so would the site. Imagine the BBC with no news, or Amazon with no way of making a purchase ... also consider what Ebay would have resulted in if it could only store 200 listings!

For reasons like these it is crucial that the database needs to be correctly designed and maintained. Our development team have many years experience of building large and small databases and can create system for a multitude of different requirements.

Visitor and ROI Tracking

All marketeers wants to know the return they are getting on their marketing investment, the online channel is no different. We can provide and install a range of performance monitoring tools, from industry standard off-the-shelf tools to bespoke tracking solutions.

Every website comes with visitor statistics, but what exactly is it telling you? Our statistics reports have been deigned for people who do not have a degree in Computer Science and yet provide a fully comprehensive snapshot of your websites performance. Allowing you to answer questons like 'how many unique visitors do I have', 'where does my best converting traffic come from' or 'how well is my paid search performing'.

Our team have had hands on experience in designing and writing user tracking systems, which have been used to tracking millions of daily site visitors. Call us now to discuss your requirements.



Web Development

Company Philosophy

Professional web design and online marketing needn't cost the Earth. Whatever your budget, whatever your requirements, call us today. You won't be disappointed!