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Secure hosting secures a boost since the Snowden revelations on Government snooping | Go 4 Internet Marketing, Preston

Secure hosting secures a boost since the Snowden revelations on Government snooping

Encrypted Web Traffic Spiked Since Snowden Leaks. Surveillance revelations appear to lead to big jump in SSL web encryption across the world. Across Europe the level of encrypted traffic has quadrupled since last year when the Edward Snowden revelations on mass Internet snooping broke.
According to figures from traffic management company Sandvine, which released its Global Internet Phenomena report this week, although failed to make a note of the jump in SSL traffic from 1.47 percent to 6.10 percent, TorrentFreak reported.

In the US, there was an increase from 2.29 percent to 3.80 percent, whilst in Latin America there was a leap up of web encryption usage from 1.80 percent to 10.37 percent.

Many have upped SSL usage, including major web services like Yahoo, Facebook and Twitter, since the Snowden leaks, which showed the US National Security Agency and GCHQ were tapping Internet cables to gather citizens’ metadata.

Yet weaknesses in SSL were highlighted by the Heartbleed vulnerability, which intelligence agencies may have known about for two years before it was publicly disclosed earlier this year.

Cracking SSL has also been one of the NSA’s and GCHQ’s chief goals, according to the Snowden leaks, which also indicated they were finding encryption cracking in general extremely difficult.

The Sandvine figures also showed a decline of six percent of traffic during peak period for BitTorrent, whilst in Europe it increased.

“In our last report, we revealed that for the first time file sharing as a whole accounted for less than 10 percent,” the report read. “Of total daily traffic, and that trend continues with Filesharing now responsible for just 8.3 percent of daily network traffic.



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