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Frequently Asked Questions on Websites:

How to develop your website for a mobile platform?

For mobile development, you’ve probably heard the terms “app” and “mobile website,” but maybe haven’t heard of “responsive design” and “adaptive design.” Here’s what you should know about these terms.

Responsive design: All three development companies interviewed for this story use responsive design extensively. Responsive design essentially means that a website has one design that adjusts to fit whatever screen size it is being displayed on.

If you are on a mobile phone, all the elements are the same as the desktop version, but the format automatically adjusts for the screen size. This is helpful from a maintenance standpoint, as companies only have to design and maintain content for one website rather than separate desktop, mobile and tablet versions. Users get essentially the same experience no matter what platform they are on.

Adaptive design: Similar to responsive design, adaptive design allows a website to adjust to different screen sizes. The big differences involve how the site is coded, but for a simplistic view, here’s what you need to know for your business: An adaptive site allows you to adjust different elements within the site, such as how each medium displays photo sizes. It typically allows for a quicker load time. Google likes adaptive sites.

Mobile websites: A mobile website is a website that is coded and formatted separately on a mobile device. Three years ago, that was the way to go. Today, there are still some specific functions of a mobile site, particularly if you want a completely different function on your mobile site than on your desktop website. But increasingly, responsive design is replacing mobile sites.

Mobile apps: An app is downloaded to a mobile device and typically we won’t recommend an app for companies unless they add real value to the Companies offering.

How do I get my website found on Google?

When building and updating your website, search engine optimization (SEO) should be a strong consideration. There are a lot of ways to improve your SEO rankings, but here’s one important thing to remember. Google likes websites that keep up with the times. Google likes responsive design, and will increasingly like adaptive design sites. Using the newest technology shows Google that you are willing to keep up with the industry trends. Also, updating your website with content such as blog posts helps keep you near the top.

What does this stuff cost?

Prices vary depending on the level of customization and functionality on the website. Companies usually charge at an hourly rate so charges can be kept to your budget.



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