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More on your web design

More on your web design

Web design is important for sales.

If your web design is not perfect for the business you are in, you’re letting your users down – and losing sales. From comparison sites to online shops, it’s important to continually improve user experience to boost interactivity and sales. We look for the perfect balance of aesthetic appeal and usability, so your site drives enquiries and represents the values of your brand.

Lanashire man with autism starts own business

Man with autism starts own business selling hand-designed craft bags across the world.

Jonathan Drinkwater in Colne, Lancashire – who has autism has created his own business selling hand-designed craft bags across the world.

The Lancashire Telgraph reported that two years ago Jonathan decided he wanted to design and make a bag. His mother, Lynne was so pleased with the design that she put it on the website Facebook and they started to get orders.

Frequently Asked Questions on Websites:

How to develop your website for a mobile platform?

For mobile development, you’ve probably heard the terms “app” and “mobile website,” but maybe haven’t heard of “responsive design” and “adaptive design.” Here’s what you should know about these terms.

Responsive design: All three development companies interviewed for this story use responsive design extensively. Responsive design essentially means that a website has one design that adjusts to fit whatever screen size it is being displayed on.

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