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Coordinating Across Online Channels

Traditionally different marketing channels have been handled by separate, often specialist, agencies. This can lead to a disjointed public image projected to your customers, who may be jumping from Google, to Twitter, to Facebook and then back to Google.  Wherever your customers see your company name the message should be consistent.

Speeding Up Joomla - Templates

One of the most common, and often difficult to correct, performance problems that we see with Joomla is incorrect template selection. There exist literally thousands of templates made specifically for Joomla, and most of them look quite nice, but have some severe performance penalties. Which if left uncorrected can leave a site sluggish; and untimely lead to lower Google page rankings.

Multivariate Testing

Unlike A/B Testing, which allows two distinct versions of a page layout to compete head to head with each other, multivariate (or multi variable as it's sometimes known) can simultaneously pitch multiple elements against each other.  Using scientific formulas it is possible to test multiple aspects of a page at the same time.  Not only are you able to measure which elements work and which don't, you are also able to see which combination of elements perform better than others. Often with interesting and unexpected results.
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